Marina Blue Nursery proudly announces the arrival of a new gorgeous baby twins Iza Magdalena and Suri Noelle!


***Iza Adopted in Norway, Suri Adopted in Sweden***

Iza and Suri were born on August 4, 2010


Iza Magdalena:

Weight: 9 kg

Length: 110 cm

Suri Noelle:

Weight: 8 kg
Length: 110 cm

Sweet baby girls Iza and Suri started their life as Angelica child doll kit created by world famous doll artist

Reva Schick


The girl's heads, torsos and limbs are made of vinyl


Iza and Suri have Full arms jointed to vinyl torso and knee high legs

They are painted with Genesis paints and mediums to achieve realistic look and 3d effects.



I took some pictures using daylight lamps and most of the pictures outside during different times of a day to show how they look as close to the reality as possible!

Iza and Suri's bodies and limbs were weighted with poly pellets and fiber fill of the highest quality. I never use sand in my babies!

Iza and Suri wear size 5-6 clothes and it will be fun to buy real girls clothes for them.

I use only the best quality non-toxic art products for my babies.







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