Marina Blue Nursery proudly announces the arrival of a new gorgeous baby girl Sofi !


***Adopterad i Sverige / Adopted in Sweden***


Baby Sofi was born on March 18, 2010

Weight: 6,22 lbs (2 kg 825 g)
Length: 19 inches
(49 cm)

Sweet baby girl Sofi started her life as a ****SOLD OUT**** Special Edition brand new "Sophie" doll kit

created by world famous doll artist Evelina Wosnjuk

Nicky Creations, Germany

Sofi's number is 134 from 250

Sofi's head and limbs are made of soft vinyl


Sofi has 3/4 arms and full legs.

Sofi's body is is a jointed custom flanell body specially designed for the special edition of this kit.


She is painted with Genesis paints and mediums to achieve realistic look and 3d effects.

Subtle veining, slight skin imperfections and even permanent spit bubbles were added for more realism.



I took many pictures using daylight lamps to show how she looks as close to the reality as possible!


Sofi's body and limbs were weighted with tiny glass beads and fiber fill of the highest quality to feel and weight like a real baby. I never use sand in my babies!

Sofi has a magnetic pacifier and a magnetic hair bow.

Close up of skin texture:

Close up of spit bubbles:



Sofi's hair has been both painted and ultra micro rooted, only 1-2 hair straws at a time with the highest professional quality premium wavy baby brown and medium brown mohair from Susan Nagel. It is absolutely the best mohair I have ever used for my babies! I used two shades of mohair on this baby.

It is so soft and feels just like real baby hair. The hair has been sealed on the inside with waterproof glue so it can be brushed, gently moistened and styled in many different ways!

I use the thinnest possible rooting needles and it takes many hours and days until I feel that I am happy with the result ...



Little Sofi wears size Newborn clothes and it will be fun to buy real baby clothes for her.

Sofi's layette:

Gorgeous Minnie Mouse Outfit from Piccolissimo Baby

*****Special Thanks to Tiina!!! :)*****

consisting of:

Minnie Dress

Minnie Panties

Minnie Shoes

Minnie Jacket

Minnie Hair Band with Ears

Minnie Hair Band with Bow

Minnie Toy



Gorgeous Knitted Ivory and Pink Cotton Designers Outfit


Jacqui's Little Treasures

*****Special thanks To Jacqui!!! :)*****

consisting of:





Baby Biscotti

White Romper With Hearts

Marching Hat


Pink Body


Magnetic Pacifier

Magnetic Hair Bow

Name Bracelet With Swarovski Beads


Original Special Edition Certificate

Marina Blue Nursery certificate,

Birth certificate and care instructions.

+ lots of love :)


I use only the best quality non-toxic art products for my babies.

If sweet baby Sofi has touched the strings of your heart please don't miss the chance to adopt her!

There is only one Sofi, I never copy or reproduce my babies so you can be sure you get an absolutely Unique baby.

Marina Blue Nursery is 100% Smoke Free!








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