Maja is adopted in Sweden


Marina Blue Nursery proudly announces the arrival of a new baby girl Maja!




Maja was born on Oktober 25, 2008

Weight: 2 kg 200 g
54 cm

Sweet little Maja started her life as "Honey" doll kit from Secrist, USA



Maja's head and limbs are made of soft vinyl. She has 1/4 arms and legs.

Maja's body is a jointed cloth body.


She is painted with Genesis paints and mediums to achieve realistic look.




Maja comes to her new home with:

Red Velour Christmas Dress

White Frilly Body

7 Pieces Mint And White Knitted Outfit from UK

Magnetic Pacifier

Magnetic Hair Bow

Plush Toy

Name Bracelet


Marina Blue Nursery certificate,

Birth certificate and care instructions.

+ lots of love :)


Maja's body and limbs were weighted with poly pellets, tiny glass beads and micro fiber of the highest quality to feel and weight like a real baby. I never use sand in my babies so they can travel abroad!




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